About Us

CJ Consulting is a woman owned consulting business that specializes in healthcare revenue cycle management. Our focus is on improving the revenue cycle with more efficient operations through the use of technology to improve cash flow.

Our consultants bring expertise in billing, collections, staff development, training, operational efficiency reviews, and many other aspects of managing the cash flow in a practice. We partner with other vendors to do “Practice Check Up” audits to help healthcare businesses develop business plans to facilitate growth.

CJ Consulting partners with technology vendors to provide the most sophisticated technology available to allow providers to improve the claims process. These partnerships allow us to provide integration to other software packages, or to provide all the software needed to start a new healthcare business.

CJ Consulting started as Providers Solution whose focus was on the sale of technology. Over the past 5 years, the need for consulting to help providers manage their revenue cycle caused us to change both our direction and the name of the company. Instead of selling technology for a particular company, CJ Consulting focuses on helping providers evaluate and integrate technology from multiple companies.

Our consultants are aware of the challenges that insurance companies present to providers which will result in lower reimbursement. They can assist with the implementation of technology that may already be present in your business, or help you choose technology that will improve your operational efficiencies.

Our consultants are experienced in assisting physicians to open new locations or a brand new practice. We understand that healthcare has a declining reimbursement environment and many businesses need to add ancillary services to improve cash flow. We can help you choose ancillary services that make sense to your individual operation.

Mission: Provide actionable information to improve profitability in healthcare businesses through efficient use of technology and the addition of ancillary services to off set declining reimbursement challenges.