Business Operations

The business aspect of any operation, whether it be healthcare or any other industry, is the backbone to profitability. Evaluating your business operation is essential to discovering opportunities to save money and enhance utilization of technology to improve the efficiency of your operation.

  • Do you have a business plan? If so, when is the last time you reviewed it?
  • Do clients or insurance carriers have outstanding balances?
  • Are you sending out statements that do not get paid?
  • Credit Cards: Are you paying too much for fees?
  • Are you appropriately staffed and do the staff members understand their job responsibilities?
  • Do you have the proper technology to allow the staff to work efficiently?
  • Are potential customers aware of your product? As a business owner, how are you generating new business?

Let CJ Consulting help you identify ways to help your company grow and improve cash flow. A business is a work in progress which needs to be tended like a garden. It starts with a good business plan which can be implemented by well trained employees who work as a team to produce the results you expect.