Business Tools

Credit Card Services

Are your credit cards working for you? CJ Consulting evaluates your current credit card services and recommends way to reduce processing costs.

Check Services

Are you still taking paper checks to the bank? In some businesses, converting checks to electronic transactions at the point of service improves revenue and saves staff time. It also reduces the potential of theft in your office since checks are not stored in the business waiting to be processed and deposited in the bank.


CJ Consulting can help you develop your “30 second elevator speech” and show you how networking can bring more business your way. Learn how to find networking events and make the most of the contacts you develop in the business community.

Accounts Receivable Management

A yearly business Check Up keeps you on track to operate efficiently and look for ways to reduce cost. CJ Consulting can help you develop a yearly Check Up list for your business and target those areas where technology can bring greater efficiency to improve your bottom line.

Payment Plans

If your business allows customers to pay over time, automating the collection of those payments can dramatically reduce the labor and cost associated with monthly statement processing.