Practice Analysis

Most of us see our physician on an annual basis for a physical exam to identify problems early so treatment can be implemented to reduce long range complications. This Check-Up process should be just as important to your Practice in identifying ways to improve efficiency, reduce cost and enhance cash flow.

CJ Consulting specializes in Revenue Enhancement both with process development, account receivable analysis, and implementation of new or existing technology. Our Practice Check Up can identify problem areas when that be quickly corrected and put you back on course to success.

Areas to Review in the Revenue Cycle

  1. AR reports to identify claim issues and recommend solutions.
  2. Adjustment Reports to identify processes that may need improvement.
  3. Supply costs to recommend cost savings.
  4. Business Service Contracts such as credit cards and other reoccurring expenses to identify areas for cost savings.
  5. Monitor staff movements in Practice for two periods of 2 hours to identify process that could be improved to inefficiency.
  6. Current technology to evaluate implementation and determine if there are features of software that are not currently being utilized to maximize efficiency.
  7. Patient survey over a two week period and tabulate the responses for review by provider.
  8. Secret Shopping of Practice if requested.
  9. Recommendations for ancillary services that could improve revenue generation.

How long does it take:

Four (4) weeks – Two consecutive weeks in practice and two weeks off site review of data collected in the practice.


A written report will be generated and presented to the provider. CJ Consulting can then facilitate training with your staff to implement the recommendations and get staff participation toward improvement of revenue cycle.

What does it cost?

$2,000 per physician provider.

What is the Return on Investment?

With implementation of recommendations most practices can increase revenue by 10-20% or more.