As a CJ Consulting client, you’ll receive professional, one-on-one guidance from our staff. We will assist you in becoming competent and effective, equipped with tools necessary to achieve your practice goals.

Your In-Depth Evaluation

Before implementing any changes, we conduct a thorough evaluation of the practice. During this evaluation the following occurs:

  • CJ Consulting examines your statistical trends over the last several years to determine the causes of any major increases or downtrends that have occurred in your practice.
  • We evaluate your staff, the placement of personnel in your office and find out from you what, if any, problems you’re having with personnel.
  • Your promotional activities will be reviewed from the standpoint of what has caused growth and what has happened to retard growth and/or cause a plateau.
  • The internal and external marketing you’ve undertaken will be examined for effectiveness.
  • We’ll analyze the traffic flow of patients/clients through your office so we can identify any “bottlenecks” or other inefficiencies.
  • We go over your cash flow to identify any problems you have with accounts receivables, payables, claims processing, delinquent accounts, front desk collections, payroll, etc.

We will discuss your professional and personal goals for business growth. We will help you identify and address barriers that exist currently in your operation which may limit your success. To get started, Contact Us today.