Staff Development

Staff development is one of the toughest jobs a doctor has without a doubt.

CJ Consulting is ready to make your staff management easier. We begin by evaluating your personnel needs and specific situation. With guidance from CJ Consulting, team work can become the norm in your practice and the resultant efficiency can improve your bottom line. Some common threads are:

  • Hiring the right people. CJC methodology teaches you how to select applicants who would make good employees.
  • Training: Staff members who understand job expectations and company policies tend to perform at a higher level.
  • Staff meetings: A waste of time? Not anymore. CJC will help you turn them into productive, effective, and concise opportunities for success.
  • Compliance. The employee handbook is an essential tool to provide guidance to employees and provide protection to the company.
  • Job Reviews: Conduct realistic job reviews that will improve your staff’s performance and productivity.

Often the most basic structure can be implemented fairly quickly. Some of the tools in our toolbox include:

  • Job Descriptions for every position in the office.
  • Policy Manual, a comprehensive office guidebook we help you develop, which gives clear expectations so your staff can operate as a team letting the doctor concentrate on practicing medicine.
  • Employee Management, usually the single most difficult task, eliminates the stress of feeling like you have to do everything. By organizing office activities and personnel responsibilities, each member of the team becomes a component of success. Staff knows how to get things done and they’re a lot happier because they are allowed to do their jobs. Increased competence leads to better efficiencies, less redundancy and shorter hours.
  • Management Training for everyone so the whole staff can utilize skills that foster efficiencies and growth.
  • Team development resulting in increased contributions from your staff and a sense of personal responsibility for the well being of the practice.